Scs-6800m full digital voting camera tracking conference sys

Scs-6800 is a full digital camera tracking voting meeting system, which is an important bridge to realize the management of meeting unit and PC. With the navigation keyboard of the panel and the meeting management function of software, it can realize

transmission mode : 8芯线
Connection mode : 有线
Core functions :发言、摄像、表决、签到
Installation mode :桌面式

• built-in USB/SD card MP3 recording and playback function as well as graphics display, high fidelity WAV and MP3 output.When not recording can be as MP3 background music input

• limited number of speakers: the number of speaking units is 1/2/4/6, and the number of chairman units is not limited;

• unified 8-core plug, including extended host interface.

• touch-tone digital Volume (0dB/ -3db / -5db / -10db / -15db);Base (+ 6 dB / + 2 dB/dB / 0-2 dB - 6 dB);Treble(+6 dB/+2 dB/0 dB/ -2db / -6db) adjustable.

• there are four meeting modes: FFIO (fifo);NORMAL (NORMAL mode);FREE(FREE mode);APPLY.

• limited number of speakers: the number of speaking units 1, 2, 4 and 6 is adjustable, and the chairman unit is not limited.

• powerful extension and restriction functions;The host can connect up to 128 speaking units and up to 4096 speaking units through extension.

• "hand in hand" cable connection mode for easy installation and maintenance.

• audio processing adopts digital equalization module and noise reduction module to make the sound clear and transparent;Two channels audio input, four channels audio output, connection peripheral equipment.

• it has two sets of original sound channel output, which can be connected to the amplifier for amplifying and output the speaker's speech, or to the cassette for recording.

• with 2 sets of recording channel output, it can be connected to the device for recording.

• with the functions of check-in, voting and data management, it can be used together with PC control software, other meeting systems, central control systems and other equipment to realize modern high-tech meetings.

• remote teleconferencing with a telephone coupler.

• with the camera tracking system can achieve automatic tracking function.

• pass the 3500V high pressure test.

• the enclosure is made of metal material, and the connection between the circuit and the enclosure is strengthened with the ground wire, ensuring the capacity of anti-static 8000V.

• the main machine can be installed on the 19-inch standard cabinet for easy placement and equipment maintenance.

SCS model - 6800 - m

Working voltage 110V/220V AC

Static power consumption is 10W

Maximum power consumption 350W

Main control machine size 483mm 353mmx88mm

The main controller weighs 7.0kg

Output power 110W/24V per channel

Audio output impedance: 100 Ω

Way: non - balance, balance, lotus

Audio input impedance: 100 Ω

Way: non - balance, balance, lotus

Frequency response 30hz-20khz

SNR (S/N) > 72dB

Harmonic distortion < 0.5%

Overcarrier distortion <1%

Crosstalk attenuation (1kHz) >50dB

Channel crosstalk >80 dB