Settune(EnPing) Electronics&Electroacoustical Co.,LTD. is a professional audio equipment manufacturing high-tech enterprise integrating digital conference system research and development, production, sales and after-sales service. The company's current main products include: all-digital 2.4G wireless conference system, digital conference Discussion system, digital voting conference system, automatic video tracking conference system, wireless conference system intelligent mixing system, professional wireless conference microphone, KTV wireless microphone, frequency shifter, AV management center, conference audio, etc.
The company is committed to research and development of various conference systems and wireless microphones. It is one of the few manufacturers in China that fully develops and produces wired hand-in-hand conference systems and wireless hand-in-hand conference systems. Cable is mainly for high-end digital conference systems and all-digital conference systems. The 2.4G conference system and the digital U-segment wireless conference system go hand in hand to fully meet the diversified needs of high-end conference systems, and are committed to OEM/ODM production at home and abroad. The company concentrates on the industry conference electro-acoustic products as the leading factor, creating an industry development policy for well-known brands in the industry. With the technical advantages and accurate grasp of the needs of the industry users, after many years of experienceSuccessfully launched the "Settune·浩田" brand full range of conference products. Products from raw materials to finished products are subject to strict and meticulous supervision. Due to the complete equipment and strict system, the quality of products is guaranteed. Innovative design, fast delivery and excellent service are our constant development direction.
      Settune·浩田,With a group of excellent management and sales professionals, we have created a team of highly qualified and skilled employees with high-quality products and perfect services. We take the needs of users as the source of development. Pragmatic, honest, and strive to use the best price and good service to match the best products of all kinds of products, praised by people from all walks of life!
      Settune·浩田,It has gathered a group of excellent technical personnel with strong professional skills, great creativity and professionalism, and has been engaged in the research and development of intelligent conference systems and performance equipment for a long time. It has accumulated rich experience and has successfully installed various electro-acoustic equipments so far. Various fields in the country. For example: government departments, finance, post and telecommunications, water conservancy and electric power, transportation, aerospace, military, schools and other units of the conference - monitoring - scheduling - command - product demonstration - audio-visual and other places. At the same time, the company's products are also widely used in various conferences, multimedia rooms, multi-purpose halls, forums, star-rated hotels, performing arts broadcasts and other fields.
      Sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to come, call to discuss distribution, welcome OEM and ODM production