Scs-870m 2.4g wireless conference system master controller

The system can adapt to the needs of different venues, and can extend the antenna to the desired position through the antenna extension cable. The system has 4 microphones with first-in, first-out function and supports the video tracking function. The

transmission mode : 2.4G
Connection mode : 无线
Core functions :发言
Installation mode :桌面式

In line with IEC60194, gbt15381-94 international standards, appearance design calm atmosphere;


Intelligent power management system, the host power off, each representative machine will automatically shut down, reduce battery consumption;

2.8 inch large-screen LCD display, all wireless conference functions can be controlled centrally through the wireless conference host panel button; 

Built-in USB/SD card MP3 recording and playback function as well as graphics display, high fidelity WAV and MP3 output.When not recording can be as MP3 background music input.

Using high-speed RISC embedded digital processing hardware architecture, so that the system running speed and stability reached an unprecedented level, the full digital audio processing technology, there is no mobile phone and other signal interference, the sound of all channels close to CD quality, can independently adjust the volume of each participating unit;Clear sound, high fidelity, low noise interference, long sound pickup distance.

Built-in input and output digital volume adjustment, humanized adjustment of system input and output signals;

Stable and reliable housing design, standard 2U host chassis, pure aluminum panel.The panel fully considers the aesthetics, the housing interior and the opening design are reasonable, the machine radiates heat well; 

Quantity limitation mode: 1 ~ 4 units are allowed to be opened at the same time; 

Fifo mode: after the limited number is reached, the last open cell overrides the first open cell; 

Chairman dedicated mode: only the chairman can speak

SCS model - 870 - m

Working voltage DC12V

Power consumption < 7.2w

Working temperature - 9 ℃, 40 ℃

Main control machine size 483mm 353mmx99mm

The main controller weighs 7.0kg

Transmission mode adaptive frequency hopping FSK

Channel number 4

Transmission frequency range: 2400 -- 2483.5mhz

Sensitivity of 90 DBM

Audio output 0-600mv

Distortion THD < 0.03%

The sound frequency is 20Hz -- 20KHz