Scs-820c /D UHF wireless conference system microphone unit

Scs-820c /D is a wireless intelligent conference system with video tracking and digital discussion. The system adopts audio digital control and high-frequency transmission technology.Through the CPU editing program highly restore the audio design t

transmission mode : UHF
Connection mode : wireless
Core functions :speak
Installation mode :desktop

Technical characteristics

High-tech appearance design, external antenna, the whole novel fashion solemn, with red lamp ring to show the microphone working status.

The microphone head is designed according to the acoustics and space theory, and combined with the new anti-noise single-point high sensitivity capacitive microphone core, the conference sound quality can be restored with high fidelity

New concept of anti-emi circuit design, eliminate the electromagnetic interference of mobile phones and other electronic products

Microphone with LCD display can display microphone status, signal strength, battery power.And with multi-function button, enter the menu can be adjusted to view microphone parameters, edit address, etc.

The unit USES UHF wireless technology to transmit audio and control signals. The effective RF communication distance is 80 meters indoors and 100 meters outdoors

Ultra-low power consumption circuit design, continuous speaking time not less than 9 hours, standby time not less than 20 hours.

Chair unit with priority key to control meeting atmosphere.

There are many exit modes in the representative unit, and the speech state is controlled by the chairman unit.

SCS model - 820 - c/D

Working voltage DC3V

Power consumption standby 350mW, speech state 620mW

Working temperature - 9 ℃, 40 ℃

The microphone weighs 0.8kg

Two-way QPSK frequency hopping communication

Transmission frequency band UHF470-530MHz

Sensitivity of 90 DBM