Conference room design for large group companies

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Conference room design for large group companies

Chapter 1: project overview

Along with the computer and network technology matures, audio technology, video technology and the rapid rise of the information and communication technology, presents the fusion in the video conference system, the trend of the development of the common, with accelerating information society, information communication is also more and more frequent, so multimedia video conference system usage is also in constant increase, brought communication environment for enterprise unit and convenient operating environment, therefore multimedia video conference system construction is an essential part of informatization construction of information infrastructure.

With the development of the society, the progress of social science and technology, informationization, networking, digital, modular, large-scale integrated system has entered into the fields, the future intelligent, humane, modern intelligent building and intelligent facilities, will also gradually into the various domain, your company (enterprises) information conference system is no exception.

1.1 design basis

Intelligent building design standards (GB/ t50314-2000)

Specification for quality acceptance of intelligent building projects (gb50339-2003)

Civil closed circuit television monitoring system engineering technical specification (gb50198-84)

Subjective evaluation method of color TV image quality (gb7401-87)

Design specification for general electric equipment (gb50055-93)

Electrical equipment handover test standard for electrical equipment installation engineering (gb50150-91)

Code for electrical design of civil buildings (JGJ/ t16-92)

Acoustic characteristics index of hall sound amplification system (gyj25-86)

Design specification for hall sound amplification system (gb50371-2006)

Preferred electrical connection method for interconnection of hall sound amplifying system equipment (sj2112-82)

Safety of information technology equipment including electrical equipment (gb4943-95)

National standards for software engineering (GTB856)

International standard for information technology interconnection (ISO/ iec 11801-95)

Code for fire prevention in building design (gbj16-87) 2001 revised

Objective evaluation of language comprehension of halls and "RASTI" law (GB/T 14476-93)

"Preferred mating value of acoustic system equipment interconnection" (GB/T 14197-93)

Measurement method of reverberation time in hall (GBJ 76-84)

Acoustic language articulation test method (GB/T 15508-1995)

Specification for acoustic design and measurement (JGI/T 7-97)

Code for acceptance of construction quality of building electrical engineering (GB 50503-2002)

Code for construction and acceptance of low-voltage electrical appliances in electrical installation engineering gb50254-96

1.2 scope of design

The project design scope, this project for 120 square meters chairman desktop conference room, room shape structure is rectangular.This system design is divided into the overall framework of the conference system structure, each subsystem in-depth design, the realization of specific functions, each subsystem seamless docking and some rationalization Suggestions and so on.

This conference room can hold seminars, administrative meetings, video meetings, product launches and so on, and can achieve paperless office meetings.                          

1.3 design principles

In the overall planning and design of the system, on the basis of fully meeting the basic requirements for the use of the conference system, we ensure that the system is stable, reliable, advanced, easy to operate, expandable, easy to maintain and other principles and the whole system design, the principles are as follows:

1.3.1 principle of stability and reliability

In order to ensure the efficient and orderly progress of multimedia conference system, the stability and reliability of audio signal, video signal and central control conference system are two very important links.

First of all, in order to ensure the stability of the system, in the selection of system equipment, we all use the regular brand, and has the same kind of projects at home and abroad, the successful use of key projects in the product.

All in order to minimize the signal attenuation, transmission signal processor with highly integrated processing equipment, digital audio signal acquisition adopted system, hand in hand, audio signal processing with the DSP digital audio processing function of today's most advanced audio system of audio sound quality, digital audio processing equipment to get rid of the traditional analog equipment due to multistage cascade equipment, signal loss and equipment caused by the impedance matching problem, reduce the failure rate of the system, reduced the difficulty of maintenance of equipment, and with a serial port, signal to the whole system can use the computer monitoring and control,Also can use the central control system to manage the audio system through the serial port, to ensure the safe and stable expansion of the system, greatly strengthen the stability and reliability of the system.

In video system, we use high lumen projector and LCD TV to realize the display of remote video signal and local video signal. 

1.3.2 advanced and easy to operate principle

On the basis of ensuring the stability and reliability of the system, we must ensure that the system adopts the most advanced mainstream technology and products, reflects the development level of today's conference technology, and ensures that the system is an advanced and scientific architecture.At the same time the system must be simple and convenient operation, to meet the human operation and non-professional operation.

In system design, the audio system we have adopted professional audio system and professional loudspeaker, phonetic acquisition system USES a digital speech system, can be collected for conference input to the mixer for signal amplification, implement different permissions control level, realize the meeting local operating requirements, the system can control equipment to realize seamless link, with a third party to realize the wireless touch operation system, the system to provide visual interface available computer real time control operation, also can work offline and its management, and ensure that the user is simple and convenient operation.

The centralized control system adopts the central control system with large successful cases.Centralized management control, the implementation of all the subsystems to send instructions, scheduling any subsystem accurate execution of the instructions, complete the task.

Because the system adopts digital network technology and computer technology, all the equipment adopts centralized management and high intelligent control, so the operation is very convenient and simple, easy to manage and operate.

1.3.3 principle of scalability and easy maintenance

On the basis of meeting the requirements of the above principles, it is necessary to reserve space for the future upgrade and expansion of the system.System maintenance is the largest proportion of the whole system life cycle, so system maintenance must be completed easily in a very short time.

In the system, both the digital audio processor system and the central control system can be used for software upgrading and equipment expansion for free. Because the digital audio processor adopts highly integrated digital audio equipment, it is very simple to maintain and very convenient to manage.Slopes, digital audio processing host can more realize the host expansion, spokesman system also can be extended according to the increase of speech, also has a variety of control interface in the audio processor, use of these interfaces can be convenient and other systems seamless docking, such as the central control system, video display system, control panel, fire protection system and so on.In order to facilitate the future expansion of the system, video system we reserved remote meeting video interface and other purpose interface, according to specific needs to use a variety of interfaces.

In video teleconferencing systems, video display system, signal switching conversion equipment and auxiliary system, all has the control interface and the communication protocol, the partial products have software support, so it's easy for third-party extensions and slopes extension, more in the future due to a software control and so on maintenance is also greatly reduce a lot of test procedures and steps, so the maintenance is easy, cause is easy to find, easy to maintenance and repair.

In other subsystem also has all sorts of control interface, can easily control the third-party extensions, the live recording, electric curtains, LCD lifting, lifting and so on phone devices have independent control interface, which can realize the third party control, digital audio processing can easily automatic upgrade and update software version, all software has open protocol, realize the weak current control system software integration.

Chapter two: overall system design

2.1 general system planning

With the rapid development of computer multimedia technology and digital communication technology, the society has entered the information age.More and more information content, the means of processing information is more and more advanced, especially in recent years, visual information technology in the information resources of the information conference venue - multimedia intelligent video conference system has been widely used.Digital audio system, sound amplification system, video display system, central control system, remote video conference system.Projectors, digital platforms, slide projectors, projection screens, DLP large-screen splicing display systems, video and video playback equipment, sound amplification equipment, digital audio processing center, electric curtains, cameras, other electric mechanical equipment and other electronic conference-related equipment have entered the conference system in large quantities.However, in the process of ordinary traditional simulation system, it is often impossible to give full play to these devices, but requires a large number of professional staff to operate manually, which not only reduces the work efficiency, but also brings many problems to the normal operation and maintenance of the system.Modern high intelligence and high integration conference system will become a major trend in this field and make great contribution to the development of society and the progress of human civilization. 

According to the substantive requirements of users, it mainly covers the following subsystems (see fig.1-2 for the topology diagram of each subsystem) :

Video display system

Auxiliary video system

Amplification systems

Digital speech system

Central control system

Other auxiliary equipment

In combination with the practical situation of the specific requirements and drawings, the first fully embodies in the design of the project "intelligent, humane, scientific" design characteristics, adhere to the "practical and advanced, economical and convenient and reliable, and the relation between compatibility and high efficiency" principle to design of video conference room, we are confident that we can design specially designed for use customized multimedia conference system, we will be in the creation of our company in the design of the collective cohesion, to build an efficient and fast multimedia video conference system.

2.2 function introduction of each subsystem:

2.2.1 video display system

Can switch the local camera video information and data information to the projection display, 120-inch forward projection display, and 2 LCD TVS.LCD TV can display different video content separately;

Can switch the VGA signal of PC to display in all video display terminals;

Can be the room each video collection information, through the central control any switch to the large screen or LCD TV display;

Can display DVD, digital booth, hard disk video recorder, camera and other video information display on the screen and plasma TV;

Can transmit compound video, VGA video to remote video conference terminal to achieve data display:

2.2.2 conference speech system

Using hand in hand speech system;

Has the halo prompt function;

Has priority function of chairman's speech;

Has priority selection function;

Docking with live recording system and digital DSP processing system;

The speaker station is equipped with a wireless microphone

2.2.3 sound amplification system

Audio signal modification using mixer and digital processing equipment;

Meeting sound amplifying function;

Function of multi-mode switching;

Follow the standards of hall design and adopt the sound effect design of the meeting room;

Adopt a pair of transmission mode with a certain resistance to ensure the safety of the system;

Using small power evenly distributed sound distribution mode, using direct sound to improve the clarity and intelligibility of language;

2.2.4 central control system


An intelligent control system for audio-visual control can be provided to manage all the equipment with control interfaces and protocols in the meeting room.

The color touch screen is used as the operation center in the audio-visual control system.

Provide programming presets of various conference modes, realize linkage integration between conference systems, and provide users with more humanized single-key mode switching;

Provide unified management functions of screen splicing, large-screen display and image switching;

Provides audio conference system for meeting speech and camera automatic tracking control;

Provide video, image and audio signal switching control function, the input and output matrix of the signal source to implement arbitrary switching;

Provide digital audio system control management;

Provide the function of turning the projector on and off, adjusting the brightness, contrast and color of the projector, and selecting and switching the signal source of the projector;

Provide the function of playing, stopping, prewinding, rewinding and pausing video of the disc drive;

Provide the control of various demonstration playback equipment, such as video recorder, real projectors, cameras, etc. to simulate the original remote control functions of the operation control;

Achieve linkage function, achieve "one key in place" that is, click a button to achieve the whole mode environment (such as: projection mode, projection end mode, etc.), greatly improve the work efficiency, users can focus on the control of the operation content, do not have to be distracted by the system operation;

Provide teleconference control function;

Provide video conference control function;

Provide multiple mode switching;

Chapter three: subsystem design analysis

3.1 video display system

3.1.1 overview of video system

To build a standard, modern conference room, the first thing we need to address is our eyes, which collect more than 60% of all the information we perceive.Experts found through the study of human's ability to absorb knowledge that the way and efficiency of human to receive external information is: video accounts for about 82%, hearing about 11%, the rest through smell, touch and taste.According to the further research of educational psychology experts, the rule of human memory for food is as follows: hearing alone can only remember about 15%, visual alone can remember about 25%, and at the same time through hearing and vision can remember the percentage is not simple 15%+25%=40%;Through the above we can see, the meeting system from a single sound system, the development of the video display system, video display system one of the largest subsystem is to undertake the task, regardless of its effect, finally accounted for the proportion of the total cost, is the key to measure a multimedia environment and intuitive, so in this high-level multimedia conference room is necessary.

In this multimedia video meeting room, we choose sanyo da-lumen projector and mevision projection screen to achieve the perfect combination of video display, and use sharp 52-inch auxiliary display to expand the visual range to every corner of the venue.

3.1.2 video system functional requirements

Ø will usually source of video signal (DVD, VCD, VHS tapes, live webcams, computer network information, electronic whiteboard, physical furnishings, etc.) to display;

Ø can scene images and mixed synchronous audio signal at the same time

Ø respectively to different image signal into different screen system, can satisfy the demands of different situations video display function

Reserve Ø video signal input and output interface

Ø reserve RGB, VGA interface

Ø can respectively different forms of video information such as DVDS, video cameras, laptops, video recorder and so on video information, respectively any display into the reality of different terminal such as display, is cast, LCD TV

3.1.3 video system design

This room type rostrum conference room for twenty people, according to the area of the room we are set to 120 inches display system and two pieces of 42 inch plasma TV display system, in the video we also configured for the user in the design of a variety of display terminal, multiple source and multiple formats of video access interface, including: multimedia computers, video camera, signal professional DVD, DVD burners and the video player, video recorders and other components of composite video matrix switch equipment.In order to send these video signals to different multi-channel display terminals, the video matrix can regulate different video signals according to users' wishes.To design a background matrix processing that meets the requirements and has perfect functions, the key to the system design is to understand the equipment and application requirements of the front and rear ends.

Secondly, all terminals share these signals. Video signals should support the background to share DVD, VCD, camera or CCTV signals, and input of desktop public PC.The XVGA data source is input from the desktop public speaking area and Shared input in the background.

Due to the equipment USES a large number of input and output devices, and the responsible contact relatively, management is more troublesome, we designed the signal source switching system, equipped with high broadband matrix switcher haotian matrix switch products, so that you can will be in charge of things simple, central control system for management and control, and then reuse the complex operation steps in simple management, in addition to the SCS series of audio and video matrix can be through the front panel light touch button for manual, also has an optional control panel or via the RS - 232 / RS - 422 communication port and manufacturers to provide agreement,Convenient connection with central control system or multimedia computer control system.The product also has the power off site protection, field reverse switching, LED panel display and other functions, the use of the status display is intuitive and reasonable, and can be 24 hours continuous boot.

In the whole AV system, video system is an important part of the conference system, and video display system is a bright spot.The large-screen projection system integrates the most outstanding display technology and equipment in the world and the application of multi-channel signal switching technology, making the whole system a large-screen projection display system with high brightness, high definition, high intelligent control and the most advanced operation method.Through this projection display system, the network resources and related information can be real-time monitoring, demonstration and intelligent management, greatly enhance the conference's visibility and operability, so that the work can be timely, efficient, and reflects the modern enterprise image.

According to the site use function requirements and detailed requirements for the projector, according to our previous construction experience and understanding of all the projector performance in the market, we finally selected sanyo high-lumen projector and visual projection curtain, to meet the needs of hd video display.

Video conference system borrowed a lot of equipment and technology from TV technology at the beginning of its development, and now it is closely related to digital TV technology both in equipment and technology.A large number of digital display technologies and standards are being applied to the development of the video conference.