Small conference room system engineering design

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Small conference room system engineering design


Multimedia conference audio amplification system, system design, audio equipment selection, installation, commissioning, and design principle, detailed wiring diagram

I. conference system design


Meeting system functional requirements


The project is a multi-media conference sound amplification system. The project mainly consists of a small conference hall with an area of 40 square meters and a small round table meeting room that can hold 20 people.In this project, the multimedia conference room is mainly required to meet the requirements of daily conference voice amplification, academic reports, learning and training and other functions.The plan, perspective and facade renderings of the conference room are shown below:

Meeting room plan:


(2) conference room perspective:


The meeting room facade rendering:  

2 meeting function design


According to the requirements of the project, in order to achieve good sound amplification effect of the meeting room, it is recommended to use 2 sets of speakers, which are respectively installed in the four corners of the meeting room for sound amplification at close range.To enlarge sound, sound clear and bright, not easy to generate self - excitation.The audience has a suitable loudness.Good sound naturalness, that is, sound and image consistency, sound signal real replay.So that the participants can feel the real existence of the sound source, to achieve the high fidelity playback amplification requirements.And to achieve the multimedia conference room sound to the main natural sound, good diffusion, sound field distribution uniformity, loudness appropriate, good naturalness and other requirements.

3 会议室扩声效果

① 会议室平面扩声图:

② 会议室正侧立面扩声图:

Ii. Function of conference system equipment


A complete conference system is mainly composed of sound source equipment (such as microphone, etc.), control equipment (such as mixer, etc.), amplifier equipment (such as power amplifier), playback equipment (such as speakers) and peripheral equipment (such as equalizer, distributor, etc.).


1. Function introduction of main products of the conference system


Microphones: this system USES Settune scs-760c /D chairman/guest mic.Single pointing capacitor microphone;Gooseneck microphone with red speech indicator halo;Microphone status indicator;The red light indicates that the speaker is speaking.The chairman has the priority to speak on behalf of the health, can be closed by banning the health of the speaker unit.


(2) mixer: in this system we use st-mc08u mixer, which is low noise 8 channel built-in 16 digital effects stereo mixer, with 8 single microphone and line balance input, built-in 16 DSP digital delay effect.


(3) equalizer: this program we use st-eq602 equalizer, which is 31 stereo graphic equalizer, with FBQ feedback detection system can display feedback audio and frequency analysis.


(4) power amplifier: according to the actual situation and functional requirements of this project, we used the st-pm-300 professional conference amplifier matched with the speaker in the conference sound amplification system. The amplifier produced by this company has the characteristics of good quality and high stability, and its products have superior quality and extraordinary performance.This amplifier is a smart choice for multimedia conference engineering.


(5) speaker: in this conference room project, we use st-es200 professional conference speaker, ES series professional conference speaker high sensitivity, speaker design are using low impedance, effectively reduce the internal resistance loss, effectively improve the sound reduction characteristics.It can effectively reduce the feedback noise caused by sound field and improve the clarity of sound.


6 power sequencer: this project we use st-p382 power sequencer, which has the characteristics of automatic according to the set time switch sequencer, so that engineers can switch the whole audio system with a switch.And it can automatically and timely monitor the power supply voltage and system working current, when the danger level is reached, an alarm will be issued.


The conference system is mainly composed of sound source equipment, control equipment, amplification equipment and playback equipment.In the meeting system, the st-mc08u mixer is connected to the Settune scs-760 hand-holding system control host and the st-eq602 equalizer respectively.The equalizer is connected to the st-pm300 power amplifier;The amplifier connects to the st-es200 professional conference speaker.-

2. Overview of conference system functions


The functions of multifunctional conference room design purpose: through the analysis on the layout of the room environment to reasonable arrangement and connection, audio equipment and installation of audio equipment, can make the sound source and end of the sound system - speakers with in a sound field area, the audience can feel the real sound source, to fulfill the requirements of hi-fi playback of amplification.And to achieve the multi-functional meeting room sound to the main natural sound, good diffusion, sound field distribution uniform, appropriate loudness, good naturalness and other requirements.In this multi-functional conference system can make use of amplification systems to improve the sound pressure level and clarity of sound sources in the audience of amplification, through acoustic design to control and improve the quality of multi-functional conference room, achieve the purpose of the meeting pa system: improve the loudness and the acoustic field distribution uniformity, improve conference room acoustics and sound effects.Elected by the analysis of multi-functional conference room environment, sound equipment, and audio equipment layout of elaborate design, so the meeting system in addition to meet meeting amplification system can be achieved to improve the loudness, the acoustic field distribution uniformity, improve the quality in the meeting room and improve acoustics, also meet the sound system of acoustical design basic requirements:


1.Ensure even and reasonable sound pressure level


2.Guarantee clarity


3.Ensure the system can work stably


4.It should have good transmission frequency characteristics and low distortion.

Iii. Construction and installation of conference system equipment


This section describes the detailed installation process of the conference system equipment.


General wiring


Connection wires such as speakers, conference room computer stand, power supply stand, conference microphone stand and projector equipment shall be centrally connected to the audio control room, which shall conduct unified management and control.


(1) speaker line layout

② 会议插座综合布线

③ 投影仪综合布线

2 会议扩声系统基础连接


① 整套系统设备连接

② 分讯器连接

③ 电源时序器连接

3 会议音箱安装


① 会议音箱安装

4 系统设备机柜安装